About teleportation of elementary particles of physics

AshEse Journal of Physical Science                                                                 

Vol. 5(3), p. 060, June, 2021

ISSN: 2059-7827  

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Short communication

About teleportation of elementary particles of physics

Adib Ben Jebara

Retired researcher, Tunis, Tunisia. E-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.; This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Received May 2021; Accepted June, 2021



In:http://ashese.co.uk/ajps-v3-issue-4/about-entanglement-of-elementary-particles-of-physics,  I wrote in one paragraph:


About experimenting

“Let us try to describe an experiment where a proton travels a distance in a given time and another experiment where it travels the same distance in no time. After the coupling of 2 protons, the proton which is taken away should instead be left moving by itself. The particle could teleport itself without it being a teleportation of information only”.


In:  http://ashese.co.uk/ajps-v6-issue-1/about-a-new-philosophy, I wrote at the end:


“It is because we do not know the values of the orthogonal time for the particle that we know the position of the particle onlywith a probability. When we measure, we make the orthogonal time of the particle constant (equal to zero?), that is why we know the position of the particle. We go from a vague knowledge to a precise knowledge rather than change the reality of the position by measuring”.


In the first link above, it was stated that the second elementary particle uses only orthogonal time and not time at our level when taken away from the first particle in the entanglement. Time at the level of an elementary particle can be different from time at our level and that is in some manner counterintuitive. Such a research can lead to some research and development but there is the fashion of quantum computing preventing much other research.

It is questionable that we need that much quantum computing. It is also questionable that we need 5G network. A new way of transportation of objects is more needed.

A trip of a particle can be completed in the present. It seems that there is ubiquity but there is none with time having both coordinates. There is a teleportation which is not only a teleportation of information (information about features, some bytes?). Such a theory does not yet exist because we live in an age where competence is everywhere the very last of the criteria, the age of extreme specialization. Also, people think that mathematics and theoreticalphysics are only calculations. People are using entanglement without trying to explain why such a thing is happening. That is the case, although there was an early remark, for criticizing, that a hidden variable should be looked for. The hidden variable is no other than the second coordinate of time.

A trip is in such a casea work needing some energy (to be given by the coupling of 2 particles?). m=E/c^2 the existence of mass suppose the existence of light rather than the existence of a Higgs boson field. Space by being curved could also be the origin of the existence of mass. A short time after the Big Bang mass existed as energy existed, without the Higgs Boson existing already. Not trying to explain phenomena is the oppositeof intellectualism and that is what exists in our Age.To explain the accelerating expansion of the universe, which does not need to be a dilatation of space, curvature ofspace should be studied with some mathematicaltheories.





Adib B.J. (2019). About elementary particles of physics. AshEse J. Phy Sci 3(1):042-043



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