Philosophy of Mathematics: About Narrow Specialization

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Vol. 4(3), pp. 054, July, 2020

ISSN: 2059-7827  

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Philosophy of Mathematics: About Narrow Specialization

Adib Ben Jebara

Retired researcher, Tunis, Tunisia. E-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Received July, 2020; Accepted July, 2020




The theory of thoughts as mathematical wavesis a theory overdue,which should exist already,but people choose bad topics,because people are over-specialized.Association of a literary discipline with mathematicsapplied to some foundation of life is not found.Besides, academic people do not look at your ideas butat what university you work in, as if Cantor wasworking in a famous university (Halle).Efficiency requires spreading new ideaswithout writing a great number of pages.Evil thoughts appear in the low bottom of the mathematical skyand seem to exist in the same way than other thoughts. Amplitude of the wave is one value for one thought or component of thought.Amplitude seems to have more than one definition, it is the differencebetween the lowest value and the highest or can be half that.Some people consider the amplitude negative when the wave goesdown before going up.The first coordinate being time, the amplitude of the second coordinate informon the subtlety of the thought.Intuitively, a flat thought is a thought without much amplitude which is a thoughtwithout much thinking.


The intensity may be a coordinate not in the plane (Curve cross section of a surface)


Most evil thoughts have high intensity and low amplitude.Series of thoughts of low amplitude with high intensity are mostprobably the components of evil thoughts. We consider a space where each point orset of dots represents a meaning.So we don't just consider aset of symbols.For example the meaning of 1 as an integer(natural) is well defined, so it exists.The mind is what reads or writes meanings.Consciousness is a state of the mind.A soul is the mind of someone even dead (after theseparation of the mind and the body).


Is that 1 noted 1 part of the meaning of 1?


Artificial Intelligence is nearer to having a mind thananimals because it handles better mathematics, but AIcannot handle the actual infinite.So, AI is not like a mind.The underlying thesis is that mathematics is very important.I see the Covid-19 as showing up that anti-intellectualismis doom, especially for people who destroy the eco-systemof the planet.In philosophy, specialization is more harmful than inother disciplines because philosophy is a synthesis.Narrow specialization makes genius missing.Genius is necessary to introduce some simplicityin increasing complications.There would be much genius if the human kind wasmore intellectual and it will be in the future.Ideas based on superstition which cannot be confirmedare not conjectures; we see a lot of them in cosmologyand physics of particles. Whatever provides a shortcut should get interest.Humanity is presently intellectually under developed.

That most people think that there was nothing beforethe Big Bang is a hint that humanity is not intelligent.Even Stephen Hawking thought that.Leaders would not acknowledge that there is a needfor more research as they do not want to subsidize.Besides, the common idea is that being cultured/cultivatedis quite unnecessary.The eco-system is not well understood but destroyednonetheless without the consequences being well known.Some people think that elementary particles of physicshave free will and the idea makes them not feel guiltyof not doing more research.

If people do not agree about intellectual under development,let them show me the Fermat, the Descartes, the Newton,the Einstein etc… of our Age.About Covid-19, the pandemic is the logical consequence of thelimited knowledge of humanity.

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